Annual Angel Walk


Our Annual Angel Walk is an opportunity to memorialize the precious lives of the babies who are no longer with us, share memories and offer support.

Families, friends and the Colorado community come together to participate in a name reading, balloon release and one-mile walk around Clement Park Lake.

This year we walked in loving memory of:

Alejandro Hernandez
Andrew McGuire
Andrew Raymond Buss
Ayvaah Marie Montoya
Bailey Denise Meyer
Blake Allen Johnson
Breanna Caden Frei
Cameron Scott Garza
Christopher Lopez
Cora Marie Pope
Jack Dylan Azqueta
Janice Poppe
Jeffrey Frank Nunez
Jesse & Joseph Amparan
John J. Brogan, Jr.

Jordan Valdez
Juliette Martin Jackson
Lucas Madsen
Lulana Joy Patton
Maize Martin
Martin L. Bailey-Steffen
Penelope Mae Richter
Rainey Wenaas
Reed Elliott Gorenstein
Ryder Prosser
Santana Sandoval
Terrah Lorraine Crowley
Tilda Brynn Drobny
Virtuu Elli Arrington
Zachary James Kropp

Butterfly Kisses

don’t cry for me please don’t be sad
Hold on to the memories of the times we both had
don’t dwell on dark thoughts hold on tight to your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses

I walk beside you I am there all day long
I am right here but you think I am gone
You don’t see me but I can see you
What ever the problems I will help get you through

I am the wind in your hair the sand in your toes
Butterfly kisses that you feel on your nose
I am with you at sunrise and in sunset
But you can’t see me is my one regret

I sit right beside you when you are sad
As you look through the photos of times we both had
I watch you sleeping I hold you so tight
Before I go I kiss you goodnight

I will watch over you from heaven above
Forever you will be my one true love
Hold on to your dreams and all your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses

by John F Connor

Our Sponsors

Bender & Lang, CPA’s, PC

Knights of Columbus 9349

Anonymous Sponsor
In Memory of
J.H. Brogan Jr. &
M.L. Bailey-Steffen Jr.

David Heroux Family

in Memory of Terrah Lorraine Crowley

Pyramid Discount Liquors

Phil Long Ford

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